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Flash MC Queen Des Divines Folies Bergere

The Lovely White Shepherd Zwitserse witte herder / White Swiss Shepherd dog
V'Prince Casper Du Domaine Des Collines  Blanches   Orphé II du domaine des collines  blanches   Leonberg's Murphy   Morphée of Fairyland's Guardian   Roxan' des loups de la forêt de Lorge   Royal Reeves Leaton   Nacht Nouchka des Gardiens du Walhalla     Dancing Queen Baila Pasja     Aron     Oscar Chico Ben van Hiemrod   Linda Iz Razborce   Cassyopeya Taien   Shadowvalley's Loftboy of USA   Gara z Veselé Rodiny
Import France Born: 31-12-2010 67.5 cm 100% short Coat HD A (free) ED 0 (free) MDR1 ++ (free) DM N/N (free) FCI Registered Flash is owned by our daughter
Junior winner 2011
Flash has an open and friendly character what he also inherited by his descendants. At the Winner show in Amsterdam has Flash the title junior winner 2011. We are super to peace over the descendants of Flash. Flash has been approved for breeding at the appropriate breed club and State to cover for females. In 2016, is a daughter of Flash best bitch and best dog of show and on the same show a son best male. flash is owned by our daughter.